Tips to Crack Reasoning Section in Competitive Exams

This article will be based on competitive exams and how to crack its reasoning sections so as to be successful at the end. It is very importance for people who are finding difficult in passing a competitive exam and those who are preparing to partake in one for the first time.

It is good to understand that it’s not just about reading all that you see, but it’s all about getting to know what is expected of you to read for a given examination. You need to know all the specifications and the technicalities involved in writing such an examination.

Before we could proceed, let’s try and understand the meaning of some key words are related to the topic of discussion;


This simply means to determine the answer or the remedy to a problem. It can also be a means to making an achievement towards something you desire.


This is said to be the art of making logical and sensible thoughts about something. Reasoning is associated to human cognitive and intellectual which is mostly done to achieve a greater and reliable results.


A competitive exam is one in which candidates are assessed and classified based on their grade. For example; for an exam which requires 50 positions, the first 50 candidates with the highest grade are accepted while the remaining are not.


  1. Get acquainted to the required syllabus for the exams
  2. Set a daily reading time table
  3. Study to understand
  4. Make a revision
  5. Work out past questions relating to the exam
  6. Build confidence towards writing a competitive exam.


For one to be successful in a competitive examination, you need to be aware of the topics required for the exam candidates to cover or study before coming for the examination.

This helps you to focus on the necessary topics and fields. In doing this, you save more time, energy and resources that might be lost while reading blindly without a focus or syllabus. Getting to know what the syllabus is all about helps you to also determine how you could be able to manage your time by allocating a reading period for each topic you choose to study.


It is said that the fact that one sets a daily reading time for his/her studies, does not guarantee that he/she will be able to study all that will be required of him/her towards preparing for an exam.

He/she must be serious and diligent towards keeping to time and reading all that might have been scheduled in the time table. You have to raise above procrastination and less focus on things that will deter you from achieving the level of knowledge and preparedness required for the exams.

For you to be smart in your studies and other non-academic activities that you might be engaged to, you need to understand the fact that there is time for every activity. Try as much as possible to break down the exam syllabus and allocate reading periods for each topic or group of topics, as this will help you to determine the level of your understanding and preparedness toward the date and time of your examination and the number of topics you must have covered within a given period of study.

Let you readings be coordinated, have a fixed topic to read at a given time. When studying, only focus on the things that are related to the topic you have chosen to read at that given time. Know what you want to study and focus on it, and try not to be distracted by other things.

Try to have some break while you are reading, do not go too hard on yourself less you will waste a whole lots of time trying to understand one particular line or so. Let the brain have some rest so that you can be able to function with good retentive memory.


The problem of most students is the fact that they don’t study in other to understand. Must students ends up reading and cramming things so as to pass exams, this is not a good and healthy reading habit. Understanding is said to be the ability of having the full knowledge about something and be able to give a meaningful explanation about it. Understand by knowing the How, Why and for What Purpose.  In some case you are not expected to state things the way they are written, in this case, you reading, and try to put what you have read in own language of understanding. With this method you stand to give a good explanation to any question that may relate to what you have read or you might have been taught. Studying to understand enhances your logical speed of processing question and accurately answering them.

Know the pass grade for the examination and work towards achieving higher and better.


This is the part where you try to go through all that you have studied and all that you have been taught during school. Doing this is a way of remembering things that you might have lost knowledge. Practicing this technique helps you to retain more knowledge and prepare better for the competitive exam.


Another tips is getting questions that are relating to the exam you are preparing to undertake. Get questions and answer booklet of previous similar exams, prepare yourself towards answering the questions. On your own, try to simulate the examination atmosphere within your comfort zone, set the required time for yourself and with the assumption of being in the actual examination, carefully study and answer the question. Do this constantly until you are rest assured of yourself that you could.

With this technique, you should be able to manage your time during a competitive exam and be able to answer all the question required of you before the time elapses.


Another secret on cracking reasoning section during a competitive exam is building of confidence. Your level of confidence determine how stable who will be mentally during the exam. Confidence and courage during exams, enables you to relax your mind and also enhances the rate at which you are able to process and answer questions during the exams. Without this confidence towards writing the exam, you stand a chance of losing a great deal of knowledge that may assist your level of reasoning during the exam. Have confidence in yourself, know what you can do and believe in yourself to be able to deliver good results. Timidity during a competitive exam kills your academic goal and ambition, be in control of yourself and achieve excellent grades in your exams.

Updated: February 2, 2018 — 9:40 pm
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