Why is a government job better than a private job?

Competent persons feel frustrating in an environment which supports workplace politics, delaying tactics and absence of clear ownership of work; But government job still has a long list of benefits to which private sector cannot compete. Level of comfort, prestige and security of government job are major ones but list does not stop here, we need to know why government is still attracting such high number of candidates in every job opening. Candidates from all streams and walks of life choose to get hired in a government sector.

Here is a list of the plus points offered by government job

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Job security

Afraid of layoffs during the recessions chose government job.

When comparing the public and private employment options, you can never rule out job security.

When we come to observe the comparison between private and government sector job security comes first.

In private sector people may earn better than what government pay structures have to offer but job security outraces the high pay packages of private sector.

You are no longer in danger of becoming a victim of downsizing, mergers and acquisitions or incase economy goes unstable, you have the shelter of being a government employee.

Immediate and inappropriate firing from employers is always the main concern for the employment seekers in job market.

Inevitable Promotions

Promotions; everyone wants to climb up the ladder.

Public sector wins here due to its time period-based promotions. Employees move up when a set criterion of years of service is completed.

No body can complain much about the promotion being inappropriate of his/her colleagues. Further it reduces workplace stress for the employees.

Competition goes less between employees as everyone knows when and how promotion occurs.

Retirement and Pension perks

One of the life long benefits of government job is life-time pension.

Blessing of the well-designed pension plan for the rest of employee life is far soothing factor then an immediate compensation and higher pay packages a private job provide

Everybody wants laid-back old age. Especially when employees cross 40s they become more concerned about how they are going to retire or how these years of hard work can pay them off when they will exhaust their energies.

Pension is a mental security package for old age. So, candidates who prefer government jobs are highly motivated due to financial security till their death.

Further retirement funds, like gratuity and provident funds are major part of successful late career of an employee

Low stress at the workplace

Private jobs utilize you up to your mark, fierce competition and burnouts are common.

Due to lesser workload and extended deadlines government jobs are in themselves a benefit for the employees as compare to the high demanding job conditions in private sector.

Even when work load is high time available to employee is enough to complete the job in best possible manner.

Government job is low in stress due to:

  • Less workplace competition due to fixed promotions
  • Less work-based incentives
  • Standard working timings
  • Defined scope of one’s work area

Privilege and authority benefits

Respect and power are better reinforcement then money itself

Privilege or prestige is an additional perk given to government officers, either they are state level or central level

Many of the government jobs provide you legitimate authority for being on position. Executive benefits for many posts are another part of privilege in society.

Respect from subset pool of employees and even from general public is a major drive for many job seekers

Health care

The greatest wealth is health

Government jobs have health care plans for employee as well as his/her family.

Increasing health care costs in market globally are affecting both employer and job candidates. Small employers cannot afford to give health benefits and even large companies don’t take responsibility of healthcare of whole family but government does.

Fixed Holidays and Vacations

Love paid holidays and vacations, government job is for you

In private job holidays and vacations are dependent upon the deadlines an employee met. If you failed to meet the deadlines, long hours even in public holidays

A government employee knows which days he will go on work and how long the work hours will be.

You don’t need to argue to take holidays or leaves in a government job.

You got fixed holidays per year and no matter what, you are entitled to take advantage of them.

Work life balance

Never Get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life

When they say in government job you are probably set for your life, they are pointing to work and life balance.

In recent decades, argument of work life balance got popular due to burnouts and work overload.

Due to the less stressful work and standard working hours, fixed holidays and vacations employee can better manage their life and work.

Already determined work hours let them spend their time with family friends and use their time and energy on other leisure activities.

Well defined Pay structure

Salary is not correlated to performance is a plus from the eyes of an employee

In Government sector pays are structured and fixed for employees according to their pay scales. In contrast, employers in private sector expect hard work and pays are determined upon performance appraisals, which also lead to fierce competition among employees as rewards are contingent upon deliverance of performance

A predictive pay structure is an attraction for the job seekers because it let them plan their life plans accordingly. With revisions in pay structure in government in past decades, government jobs are competing in pay packages with private sector.

More, high initial salaries are also a pull in government sector.

Standard Working Hours

8 hours labor, 8 hours recreation, 8 hours rest

Already set working hours are themselves a big plus over private sector.

In private job, overtimes against one’s wishes increases stress levels, mostly when employee is not even compensated effectively for the effort he/she put in overtime.

More, if there is the need for overtime, government employees are fairly compensated and rewarded for that extra effort.

Serving to the people

The best to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others

Pubic-sector gives opportunities for employees to serve others in society. This is a motivation factor for employees who value their work as contribution to others in society.

Updated: February 2, 2018 — 9:42 pm
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